Water is one of the most necessary things to all living creatures.

Published: 31st March 2010
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Water is one of the most essential things to all living creatures.

Human beings, animals as well as plants and all living things alike need water for their survival. Although water is a renewable natural resource, the amount of water that the earth holds is lessening day by day. Scientists state that in another a small amount of years there won't be sufficient water to meet all the necessities of the human race. Already certain countries are facing a scarcity of clean water. Read more here www.123-svaret-er.dk

Water is becoming a rapidly spreading threat which needs a solution. Although ¾ of the earth is covered with water, most of it is not suitable for consumption. Very often water is polluted by careless methods of disposing waste material and garbage. Thoughtlessly these are dumped in streams and rivers and other water bodies which affect the water and the living things that are thriving in water such as water plants and fish.

Since water is an Vital resource it is our responsibility to preserve whatever water the world is left with. We need water for drinking, cooking, washing and different other purposes .We could preserve this precious commodity by using it sparingly and carefully. We should be very careful not to waste even a drop of it while preserving the pure water for consumption we could use the water that is not suitable for these purposes for cleaning purposes and for the plantations. The appropriate authorities should take steps to have a levelheaded irrigation system that would not affect the ordinary day to day life but which would also protect the pure water. Read more here www.123viden.dk

This is the duty of the whole human race. lacking water no living thing can survive. Life cannot go on without water. Taking this in to consideration we be obliged to conserve water for the forthcoming generation. A world without pure water would be a unhealthy world. Water borne disease could be fatal. An unhealthy, unclean world would be a hazard to the complete human generation.

Therefore it is the duty and responsibility of the entire human race to takerequired precautions to conserve the pure water by using it wisely and growing more trees and stop destroying nature which is contributing to the well being of human kind.

No living being can exist without water. H2o is a important thing for the world to continue. It is the responsibility of the present generation to leave the world in a better condition and state than its now, for the future generation. But a lack of sufficient pure water would be definite disaster if not the end of the existence of entire life on earth. So the mere existence of the human race is totally in the hands of the present generation. Read more here


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